Internationally renowned percussionist, creator of his own instruments and founder of the school Son et Rythme (“sound and rhythm”), teaching artistic expression through oral transmission – Pioneer and first developer of a new aesthetic that blends ancestral and contemporary acoustic characteristics, Jacky Craissac has left us a considerable artistic heritage : un instrumentarium composé d’instruments originaux, uniques issus de sa création, une musique nouvelle, des écrits. Ses “sculptures de son” sont aussi originales et performantes sur le plan acoustique qu’elles sont esthétiques. Elles sont le témoignage de son génie, de son approche humaniste, philanthropique et transversale de l’art.


Extract from his illustrated lecture about his school of artistic expression through oral transmission “Son et Rythme”  :
“The origin of my work is my birth, my heritage and my path through life. It is the sound and the worship of my ancestors. This, within the lifetime that has been given me.
Music is the dance of sound in space.
Art expresses emotion, without fear or doubt; it is the repetitive expression of sound and rhythm. Nature is a creation of art. Creation is birth. Birth is liberty.
Sacred art is colour. Roots, liberty, passion, the soul of the nomad.”

Jacky Craissac


The publication of the works of de Jacky CRAISSAC
 in partnership with the publishing house Castor Astral.
On 11 SEPTEMBER 2016, a literary and music event for the publishing of the book.